Walking with HF Holidays pt 2

So, in my previous post i talked about my initial impressions of raring at Nether Grange in Alnmouth. Here I am going to blog about the two walks I did, both graded “easier”. THe first one being a 6 1/2 mile walk with 550 feet of ascent which was a circular walk from Wooler. The second one being a 7 3/4 mile walk along the coastline finishing in Seahouses.

Day 1:

We had an excellent walking leader, David, for this walk which included a walk past a “wishing well” marked on the OS maps, apparently it used to be the place where local girls came to make a wish for a good husband!
The walk then crossed Wooler Water at a Ford, before climbing a hill and then returning to Wooler. Here are some pics :








Day 2:

I cannot remember where the second walk started but this was basically a coastal and beach walk all the walk to Seahouses. We visited some nature reserves and got to see the National Trust bird protection scheme at work on the beach:







Walking with HF Holidays Pt 1

Ok, so for some reason when I went to get weighed today I had put on 4 lbs :( I am fairly certain it is because of all the hill walking I have done over the past week and I have built up muscle because of it.

Anyway, I am going to write two blog posts about my superb experiences with my short 3 night walking holiday with at their Nether Grange establishment in Alnmouth in Northumberland. Now, I am in no way affiliated with HF Holidays nor am I a member, so I thought it would be interesting to blog about my initial impressions upon arrival and the walks themselves so this will be done over two blog posts, the second post being published tomorrow.

Before joining my holiday I had lunch with a friend and the conversation got round to how generic and ‘scripted’ the service is that you get from the major chains of restaurants and hotels, etc these days. He said that he was sure that a lot of people cared about the work that they did in providing customer service at these places but that you really couldn’t tell as they all seemed to run to a set format. A case in point a noticed was that we were asked about 1/2 a dozen times if we would like more drinks, even though after the second round we always said no. My friend told me that when he goes into his favourite coffee shop he is always asked if he wants a croissant even though he always declines, and the staff know his preferences.

With these thoughts in the back of my mind, I headed off to my holiday having read the reviews that the staff were very friendly and the service was good, but I was thinking in the back of my mind just how genuine it would be.

When I arrived, I wasn’t sure where the main entrance was so I walked in with my suitcase to the cafe. The young lady who was serving there took this in her stride and escorted me to the reception area. There Allison the house manager showed me round and then took me to my room.

My room was HUGE, it was easily the biggest room I have stayed in when away from home for a long time. Here are some pics :






I then went back down to my car to collect some more things and upon seeing my walking through the cafe again I was offered a pot of tea and a scone which the young waitress insisted was complimentary. I was most impressed and it was obvious from the first few minutes of being there that the staff were genuine in their desire to be helpful – thats what made the most impression on me, it was obvious that the staff really wanted to ensure that we had a good level of service and that they enjoyed providing it. It was obviously from the heart and not scripted at all and this lasted throughout my stay. Here are some more pics of the building.




tomorrow, I’ll post my thoughts on the food and walks in Part 2

1000 feet and 6 miles later..

.. I feel great after doing another 6 mile walk yesterday, this time with a difference – I climbed about 1000 feet and I can tell you it made a big difference. Walking 6 miles along undulating country paths and lanes is easy for me now, but add in some serious climbing and I begin to feel the lack of mountains around where I live :) .

Currently, I am in Middlesbrough for a couple of days before I had off on a 3 night walking holiday with in and around Alnmouth in Northumberland.

Anyway, the walk I did yesterday was in the North York Moors. It was a circular walk from Bank Foot along the top to Ingleby Incline. Here are some photos of the walk for you to enjoy:








Power walking @ 2am :)

This week I am working 7 Night Shifts at The BBC – you’d think there would be no opportunity to walk wouldn’t you? Well, I realised that I could walk 2 miles in 30 minutes on my Lunch break so this works out great. I get to do a vigorous 2 mile, 30 minute walk so hopefully i’ll still loose weight this week. Here are some pics

Shepherd’s Bush Green:


Wood Lane Tube Station:


The now defunct BBC Television Centre:


White City:


I love Diet Chef

Dief Chef is great – for me, it is one of the reasons why I feel confident that this time the weight is coming off permanently. It provides a formula that works for me with regards to balanced nutrition, portion control ( something I didn’t think about before join Diet Chef! )

So, what does Dief Chef do?? They provide all your meals pre-made for 28 days at a time, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with snacks. All you provide is your 5-a-day and rice, pasta, vegetables, etc – you know, stuff that is easy to cook and they do the rest. there are various plans you can choose from . I chose the 1500 calories a day plan.

I love it, and have a platform for finally loosing the weight now. Here are some pics of me unpacking the food :

The snacks:


The dinners:


The breakfasts:


The Lunches:


Again, you don’t really need to buy any extra food other than your 5-a-day and vegetables and stuff. I love it!

Another walk done and more weight lost :)

I have lost 4 lbs! I now weight 26st 13lbs. To me, that is an important psychological boost as i now weight 26st something, rather than 27st something :)

For the next 7 nights I am working Night Shifts so you would think the chance of walking would be pretty much zero for the next week? i mean, all I usually can manage for my week of Nights usually is to work, sleep, eat round and round in that order. However, when I was thinking about this I realised that I do have hour long “lunch” breaks so I now power walk ( 2 miles ) for 30 minutes, then rest for 30 so it wil be interesting to see how much weight I loose over the next week. maybe 2 pounds? want to place a bet? :) go on, you know you want to!

Anyway, here are some of the pics from my last walk near Aldershot: